About Aurum Engineering GmbH

Aurum Engineering GmbH was founded 2008 by Achim Ruß and Ulf Meinke. Until then they developed for more than 20 years suspension control systems for TV studios on behalf of a well-known German manufacturer. After this business division was given up by the manufacturer, it was agreed that Aurum Engineering will coach the customers directly. For existing installations spare parts are supplied and service, modifications and upgrades are carried out.

Using this experience, a new generation of suspension control system was designed (hard- and software) that has a modular structure and is used to replace old controls or is part of new studio projects. This new suspension control can be used for fix wired hoists or up to fully automated installations with position control for multiple axes. The operation of the system is done via wall panel with touch screen or control desk, optional also by a remote control device. Key features of the system are best possible availability, safe operation and easy handling. The control system complies all relevant standards like the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG, the standards DIN56950-2 and DGUV V17 (former BGV C1)

  • Other business fields of Aurum Engineering are:
  • Test systems, for example in aviation applications
  • Interfaces for rail equipment and systems
  • Fleet management and diagnostic systems for complex mobile systems (for example rail equipment)
  • Diagnostic systems for battery management applications
  • Diagnostic software for technical systems, like converting equipment and energy storage devices
  • Internet based solutions for distributed technical systems
  • AuthoriSed expert services, licensed by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Munich for technology and systems in data processing

Aurum Engineering GmbH
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